The Most Amazing Golf Trick Shot Ever?

Just watched this video thanks to GlenEagles weekly rate break email. I didn’t know about this video until now. What an INCREDIBLE shot!?! It’s so awesome, I don’t know if it’s real or not.

Vijay and Fred Couples were playing around at the Master’s skipping balls across the water!

DIFFERENT VIEW- Tuesday 4/7/09 at Augusta National Golf Course during Masters practice round on hole 16. A different viewpoint, shot from behind 16th tee. Vijay skips ball across water. Watch crowd stand up when it appears the skip balls going in. Golfer Ken Duke was lined up to skip the ball after Vijay, but had a great reaction to the Ace. Then he walked off without hitting a skip ball himself, refusing to follow that show! Camera gets jostled when crowd starts cheering. Vijay gets high-five from caddy. Crowd went wild.

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