Windmill Golf Group: Sneek-a-Peek Video of Mickelson National Golf Club

Windmill Golf Group Mickelson Sneek-a-Peek Video

Windmill Golf Group just released a cool behind the scenes sneek-a-peek video of the Mickelson National Golf Club (projected to open in 2017).

There has been no shortage of buzz about Windmill Golf’s upcoming masterpiece, Mickelson National Golf Club. For a behind the scenes look at the project, the layout and the team involved.

Follow along with the construction process of Mickelson National Golf Club. The vignette by film-maker Joe Stephenson will give you an inside look into the discussion and planning processes going on behind the scenes of this remarkable project scheduled for opening in 2017.

Click here to visit Mickelson National Golf Club’s website for more details.

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